My Experience With Drinking Bhang In Varanasi

I recently went to Varanasi and ended up having Bhang for the first time in my life. It was something that had been on my bucket list for the longest time and this time around I was able to check it off.

It was genuinely a crazy experience and I’ve shared the complete account on my Tripoto profile. Click the link below to read the whole thing. 

I Drank Bhang For The First Time In Varanasi And This Is What Happened

The green-coloured liquid looked so innocent, almost healthy, as it gave off the appearance of one of those green-smoothies that have been dominating my Instagram lately. Sitting in my hotel room in Varanasi, I took a gulp and when nothing happened, I sipped some more. I figured if I was going to …

I would really like to know what other people have experienced after consuming bhang. If you’ve ever done that and have cool stories to share, comment below. Let’s have some laughs. 😀

Until next time guys, 

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