Anaikatti, Kerala: A photo diary

Anaikatti, Kerala: A photo diary

I was recently invited by Sterling Holidays to review a newly launched property  in Anaikatti—a small town situated on the Kerala-Tamil Nadu border, right along the banks of the river Siruvani. While the stay itself was everything I had hoped for, it was life outside the remotely-located resort that really intrigued me. From the moment we entered the town, it presented a very different view of Kerala than what we are used to with the backwaters and the coastal towns. I, sadly, only got to spend three days there. But if you do get a chance, you must check out the place for its food, tribal culture and a very relaxed way of life.

Meanwhile, look at Anaikatti through my lens and let me know in the comments how you liked the photographs. 🙂

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The Siruvani River: The water level has gone down tremendously due to lack of rainfalls for the past year

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Irula tribe natives

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Beautifully arranged spice pots at the Sterling Holidays Resort in Anaikatti

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Samrani powder sprinkled on coal to drive away mosquitoes

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